New Age

Our “New Age” wines, lighter and reductive, are perfect for enjoying every day. Our dry cuvée was born of the love between the citrusy Furmint and flowery Hárslevelű while our semi-sweet wine effuses flirtatious charm with Sárgamuskotály and Hárslevelű in the lead role.

New Age wines - Pajzos Tokaj
T-style furmint - Pajzos Tokaj


Our Tokaji “T” estate wines are among our most loved wines. We sell about 100 000 bottles of our reductive-aged wines with dynamic fresh acidity. This category consists of two dry white wines of the most popular and best-known grape varieties: Furmint and Hárslevelű.


Our great single-vineyard “Selection” wines convey the terroir characteristics perfectly. Wines from the cooler Megyer Vineyard with rhyolite tuff soils are defined by their elegance, complexity, minerality and defined acid backbone.

Selection of linden wines - Pajzos Tokaj
Tradition szamorodni - Pajzos Tokaj

Tradition Wine Specialities

Our “Tradition” wines include the lighter, easily drinkable Tokaji wine specialities. Naturally sweet barrel-aged wines, they are fresh and fruity, perfect for modern tastes. Dynamic sip and hint of barrel spiciness make them easily understandable yet still offering a genuine wine experience.

Tradition Wine Specialities

Among these youthful wines you find rarities such as Tokaji Fordítás and Dry Szamorodni, and the flagships of Tokaj fame: Sweet Szamorodni and 5 Puttonyos Aszú. The award-winning, premium-quality items are the messengers of “Pajzos stílus”: elegance, harmony, and perfect balance.

Legend wines - Pajzos Tokaj

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