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Unity is strength

The team

The whole Pajzos team is working to ensure the expected premium quality wines from high quality grapes for our consumers at an increasing number of points of sale.

Árpád Kolozsváry-Kiss

Managing director

Naár Ferenc
Ferenc Naár

Wine manager

Espák Pál
Pál Espák

Viticulture manager

Bárány Gábor
Gábor Bárány

Wine team leader

Fedor Levente
Levente Fedor

Viticulture team leader

Polyucsák Lászlóné
Lászlóné Polyucsák

Warehouse team leader

Csizmadiova Elena
Elena Csizmadiova

Logistics clerk (Inland)

Juhász Zoltánné
Zoltánné Juhász

Belföld (Export)

Iski Katalin
Katalin Iski

Financial officer

Lesovics-Lossó Barbara
Barbara Lesovics-Lossó

Marketing Manager