Palingenese # 1: Marketing Strategy Innovation

Since its establishment, Pajzos Tokaj has been present on the domestic market with two brands: premium quality Pajzos Tokaj, while wines with a good price-value ratio are marketed under the Megyer Tokaj brand. The consumer could meet Pajzos wines in restaurants, wine bars and wine shops, while Megyer wines could be found in retail outlets.

In 2020, the process of renewing our marketing strategy began, bringing a radical change to our lives. With the help of several months of wine market, consumer and competitor analyzes, the Hungarian wine market was surveyed. After segmenting the market, defining the target groups and positioning the products, we consciously developed our new product portfolio.

From September 1, the Megyer Tokaj brand was officially merged with the Pajzos Tokaj brand. With this step, we have expanded the range of Pajzos and made it available to a wider range of wine consumers.

We have divided our wines into two groups based on the style of the wines, the place of sale, their price and the target group to be reached. The products of both groups were arranged in a three-level pyramid based on their type, price, and the preferences of the target consumer group. The packaging of the wines is designed to suggest the type and quality of the wine and the target group.


We have given the name “Tradition” fantasy to our retailers, ie our lighter, well-understood and well-consumed, good-value-for-money wines that are on the shelves of stores. The labels on these wines are designed to stand out so they stand out from the rest of the shelf. Reach the given target group with its color and structure.

In addition to reductive wines made from the marriage of traditional Tokaji grape varieties, the product pyramid includes sweet and dry Szamorodni and Aszú, among the sweet wines of late harvest, “T” wines and the classic (Tradition) Tokaj wine specialties.


Under the name “Legend” fantasy, you can find the products of the former Pajzos Tokaj brand. These fans can still taste these wines in restaurants, hotels and wine bars, and it is possible to buy them in specialty shops, wineries and the Pajzos webshop. In the packaging of the wines, we put the “Shieldy style” at the forefront: harmony, elegance and an excellent acid-sugar balance. The labels are therefore clean, with a soft color scheme, upscale precious metal embossing and rich surface finish.

The product pyramid is followed by reductive, lighter yet more complex “T” wines, followed by vineyard-selected, battonage Selection wines, and the legendary Tokaj wine specialties such as the sweet Szamorodni, the Aszú and the pasture were added to the top of the pyramid. .

With the renewed portfolio, our goal was to serve consumers even better by tailoring our products to their real needs. This makes them less familiar with wines, but wine experts will find the wine of everyday life as well as smaller gatherings or special occasions.

On the other hand, our goal was to be able to build a consistent brand. Previously, we built the Pajzos Tokaj brand, while Megyer Tokaj was available to a wide range of consumers. From now on, however, we only need to focus on building, strengthening, developing and communicating the Pajzos Tokaj brand.

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