Pajzos Tokaj got new awards!

Despite the summer heat, the smaller and more famous wine competition are constantly taking place.

After a two-year away, this year 41. The National Wine Competition was held for the third time, where our latest vintages won three gold medals and two gold medals. 

It is a special pleasure for us, because not only our premium Legend wines(5 puttonyos Legend Aszú 2017 6 puttonyos Legend Aszú 2016 ), but also the excellent value-for-money  Our 2016 5-puttonyos Tradition Aszú  has also won the Hungarian Gold Medal!

Gold medal for the  Our 2019 vintage Furmint Selection    and  Our 2021 vintage T-Furmint wine  and the Gold Medal.

Also after two years of absence, the Wine Competition of the town of Sárospatak, our seat, was held, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. birthday. In addition to the ambassadors of local wineries, the competition was also judged by the leaders of the Hegyközség and Sárospatak, as well as citizens who play an outstanding role in the life of the town. The 2017 5-putt Legend Aszún won the Gold medal, while the 2016 6-putt Legend Aszún won the Gold medal!

But it’s not just the wine competitions that have brought us prizes over the years. The Winelovers Wine Awards were held for the first time this year, judged by well-known figures from the national and international wine world. We sent our 2016 vintage 6-puttonyos Legend Aszú to the competition, which successfully passed the excellent wine experts and won the Gold medal with 91 points!

Thank you for the awards, which not only give us the recognition we deserve, but also reassure us that we are heading in the right direction!

Shielded Awards Summer 2022

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