Furmint February

The best-known variety of Tokaj-Hegyalja, Furmint has been basking in the spotlight of the wine scene for years.

‘Furmint February’ is held in many places in Hungary and abroad. We returned from Paris, where we attended the local Furmint Festival, just a few days ago. Having received amazing feedback from the mostly professional attendees, we were happy to answer questions from restaurant owners, sommeliers and wine merchants. Even representatives of the media were knowledgeable about wine – yes, we know, everyone in France knows their wine…They had a lot of questions about Tokaj and our varieties. It was particularly interesting for us to see that the French treat wine as a gastronomic product and think in terms of food pairings for every item they taste. They know which one to drink with scallops, saltwater fish, or even a salad. We certainly enjoyed how this little game redefined the wine tasting for us.

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