New Age

Our “New Age” wines, lighter and reductive, are perfect for enjoying every day. Our dry cuvée was born of the love between the citrusy Furmint and flowery Hárslevelű while our semi-sweet wine effuses flirtatious charm with Sárgamuskotály and Hárslevelű in the lead role. Our naturally sweet late harvest wines entice with their aromas rich in honey and dried fruits. These wines are filled with youthful modern freshness and vibrating acidity. Compulsory entry into the world of Tokaji wines!





New Age basic wines

“Made for the everyday”

Our “New Age” wines, what we made for the everydays, are born from the marriage of the Furmint and the Hárslevelű.
Pajzos Dry Cuvée

Cuvée Dry 2020

White, Dry, Fruity